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Customer Comments

Bill, thank you very much for all of your insight and guidance. I would've been lost trying to understand and navigate through hundreds of health plans on my own. You did all the research for me so I didn't have to take any time away from work or family-time. You provided several quotes from multiple insurance carriers, and made your recommendation based on the needs of my family. Your insurance expertise and outstanding customer service enticed me to refer multiple people to you, all of them also had an outstanding experience. Thank you for saving me so much time, money and frustration! - Sean Z.

I will always keep you in mind if I switch jobs and need health insurance benefits until company benefits kick in and have also passed your name to others in need of insurance and advised them you are the best. I will always keep you in mind, as in my opinion, you go above and beyond. So if you ever need someone to stand behind you and advise others how great you are I am your gal! Thanks again for everything! - Nancy F.

Monica ... I just wanted to drop a quick note - very impressed with the way you and your company handle business! You are prompt - detailed - and no pressure! Wow - everything a customer could want! Just thought you should know - very professional! Not sure yet what my decision will be - but I like the way you and your company handle things! Thanks - Sandra N.

Thank you for all your help and assistance in getting me health, dental and vision coverage within my budget. I truly appreciate all your efforts and assistance. I will definitely recommend you to others. I also want to say how much I appreciate the fact that you did not harass me like other agents have, your patience with me and my dilemma is also appreciated. Looking forward to a lasting business relationship with you. - Agatha L.

Thank you Bill! I will always refer you to anyone in need of insurance as you have demonstrated how great you are. Also, if I ever need a change I will come directly to you as you have changed my thoughts on insurance agents - you are human and a great guy. Thank you so much again! - Nancy F.

Thank you Bill! If you ever need a referral for a future client, please feel welcome to use me! It is so helpful and comforting to know that you are here answering emails and providing information. You are greatly appreciated! - Tori Z.

Thanks, Monica. You should know that you have given peace of mind to many in our little school and everyone who has talked with and worked with you sings your praises. If there is someone I can tell of your amazing customer service, please let me know! - Tara

You are amazing working at 10 pm ~! OK, Maybe, I will stay with XXXXXX if you are telling me that this plan is one of the better one's! I do trust you Bill, you have served us for over a couple years, & as a personal, detailed credible insurance agent... I have never seen such a good, hard-working man! - Roger P.

You have been the nicest Insurance agent ever. It's difficult over the internet, but I trust you and appreciate you tremendously. - Ellen R.

Your efficiency and response time to inquires is the best I've ever experienced. I lucked out in finding you as an agent. So don't 'thank me' thank YOU! - Annie F.

I have been offered health insurance through a new position that I just accepted on Friday. Had that not happened, I surely would have purchased health insurance through you. Here's why:

1. You did not call me incessantly as some people have done.
2. You utilized email, my preferred format, to communicate.
3. You are personable and matter-of-fact.

Thanks so much for your help. Should I encounter someone who is looking for insurance, I would not hesitate to recommend you. - Isabel F.

I must compliment you on your follow-up, knowledge, professionalism, etc. I'm an ex marketing manager for HP (and P&G) and picky about the people I deal with. ;) You're awesome - BRAVO! - Allison R.

Thank you for making this process so easy. You've been so helpful; I really appreciate all your time and effort. Thanks again. - Lindsey C.

Yes, we are still very interested in getting insurance through you. We looked and actually could not find anyone cheaper then what you have given us. We loved that fact that you explained things on the phone and emailed us things that you were doing no other company or person did that so we trust you very much - Sarah H.

Thank you so very much for all your help with our health insurance. It was so easy to get through this with someone like you to help us along the way. - Melanie R.

Hi Bill. I appreciate you. You are an excellent businessman. You make me want to be a better business man. Your mailer was excellent, your honesty commendable, and your courage exceptional. God bless you! - Matthew W.

Thanks so much. You have been so helpful without being obnoxious about it. I am only getting quotes from you. Thanks again. - Sarah N.

Thank you very much for helping me to find health insurance that is very affordable. I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding, while giving me the opportunity to decide what plan would work best for my family. You are great at what you do and I wish you all the best! - Keitra C.

I think your website, response time and personal touch is phenomenal. We have never felt �pressured� by you and look forward to doing business with you in the next few months. - Lorie G.

Thank you for your help in this matter. Your professionalism throughout has not gone unnoticed and unappreciated. - Carl F.

I did receive the information you sent me last week and again, I want to thank you; especially for the heads up regarding the unsolicited emails I might receive. Right now I have no questions, but I am grateful for the assurance that I can contact you at any time, should any arise. There need to be more brokers like you who reduce the stress of shopping for insurance by eliminating the feeling of harassment. I appreciate that. When I am able to incorporate the monthly fee into my budget, I will be sure to contact you. - Brigette C.

I did get the info you sent on the different plans. Thank you for taking time to figure this information out for me i really appreciate it. I have received many different calls regarding this. The day that I filled out the form on the Internet I got 32 phone calls in four hours. It was ridiculous. You seem like you really want to help me and that you are genuine - Jacklyn M.

A big thank-you for the health quotes!! I will stay with what I have, which is still cheaper than anything I have received. Your on it....and I appreciate that, better than most!! - Kathy R.

You have been extremely helpful in trying to figure out the health insurance situation ~ I *really* appreciate your support. You are far ahead of anyone else that I have spoken with, and if I need health insurance, I plan to work with you. - George B.

Thanks for all your assistance. Your honest, respectful, and low-pressure approach to things was a breath of fresh air compared to the host of phone calls I received from others after filling out that darn e-health insurance application. Take care - Shane S.

Thanks for your expertise, kindness and concern for my issues.... - Connie M.
I am satisfied. I have never had an insurance agent, of any kind, satisfy me. I have always had trouble with insurance agents and the companies (who never communicated with each other) and no one has ever come through satisfactory. Thanks a lot. You will be the first agent I would refer my family to. Thanks again. . - Torri B.

I am writing to extend my compliments and thanks for the excellent service provided by you. Each and every time we've needed assistance, from selecting providers, to dealing with billing issues, you have been there to help. I especially recall how you have gone above and beyond the call of duty in specifically contacting individual at the service providers to help get the issues resolved. Finding an agency that takes it upon itself to go beyond the simple act of taking insurance orders and provides full services is rare and well appreciated. I would unreservedly recommend your agency to any company who wishes to find an agency that will act as true partner, do the proper research to ensure proper choice of carrier and plan, and be a strong advocate with both the carriers and providers. The service we've received from you has been unparalleled excellence.. - Kishore K.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I know that you were pretty busy when I needed those answers and I appreciate your patience and sincerity throughout the process. God Bless. . - Kevin P.

By the way, a good friend of mine, XXXXXXXX will hopefully be contacting you. He was about to make a final decision with another carrier. I highly recommended he talk to you before he finalizes anything. Hopefully you'll hear from him. Please mail me some of your business cards or brochures or anything to hand out. I maybe talk to one or two people a week about health insurance. And we think you are great. Take care.. - Kim V.

I was happy to hear from you. Thanks to you I avoided a costly mistake. I was really intending to try that discount program, thinking it was insurance. ~~~ In any event, I truly appreciate all of your help and guidance. You are one of the few "sales" people who seem to honestly put your customer's needs first. A rare commodity these days !!!!. - Jack H.

Bill... I will definitely pass your name along, you are wonderful regardless if you could or could not help me. I know a lot of good people looking for honest and good advice and I think that sums up my thoughts on you. You will be hearing from me either directly or indirectly. Thanks again. - Tina I.

Thanks again for your help, it's great to feel like I have a partner in all this. Rarely have I had an "agent" actually do a bunch of work and fight for me! You should get into real-estate.... - Frank R.
I can't begin to "Thank You" enough for your time and expertise in helping me find the right health insurance plan for me and my family. Recent changes in my employment status to self employment put me in the market to shop for health insurance, but with a very tight budget for a new entrepreneur. In my research I found the monthly premiums to be very expensive. As you know, I almost went with a medical discount program, where they called me and preyed upon my ignorance and fear of loss, making claims that open enrollment was closing soon. I strongly recommend anyone shopping for health insurance to trust your experience, product knowledge and ethics. You helped me save money, time and to stop my procrastinating. Thanks to you I have peace of mind that I made the right decision. - David G.
Boy, you are right on things. I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly and appreciate your answers. You have been the nicest person that Deb and I have had to deal with, and the most thorough. So thank you. We will be calling you soon. - Kathy D.

Hi Bill: I wanted to thank you for all your help and advice regarding health insurance. ~~~ Your presentation of information and your professionalism are greatly appreciated. You can be assured that I will contact you again. - Bonnie K.
Boy Bill, your the best, it is not often people can say that about their agents!!! I know because I work for an insurance company. Thanks for your prompt attention and patience. There should be more agents like you, and that's for real!!!!!! - Tina T.
Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my internet inquiry. I also appreciate you taking the time to forward me attachments of 3 different plans to meet my needs. It is great to be able to have the information in writing to be able to review. Several other companies have contacted me via phone since I submitted my internet inquiry, and I found it difficult to try and write down everything they were saying, and they wouldn't send out any information unless I signed up for the insurance right then. ~ Again, thank you so much for taking the time to send me information that is easy to understand and is written for me; I really appreciate all your considerations. I look forward to working with you! - Nina L.
I appreciate all of your help, Bill - THANK YOU SO MUCH. It's so nice to deal with someone HONEST - Cynthia A. - Part 1
Of course you can use my comments (had I known, I would have written a whole essay on how grateful I am for your help!) - Cynthia A. - Part 2
Take care, and I'll be in touch with you soon. Thanks for NOT being a salesman. You provided just the kind of assistance I was looking for. - Michelle G.
Thanks for the information. As was the case before, I am impressed with the format and content of the information you have provided; very thorough. - Philip D.
Bill - Thank you for your assistance and all of your help over the past few months. I have referred my 23-year-old daughter to you for her insurance needs in the next few months. I am sure you will take just as good care of her as you did with the rest of my family. Thanks again. - Marlon M.
Thank you for your professionalism and follow up. You have been inspirational to me personally, as I strive to recognize that in dealing with the public over the phone and internet-it's refreshing to get answers as quickly and professionally as you provide. Thank you and God Bless You! I certainly will be saving your name to pass along-you have been a wealth of information and very helpful. - Lisa B.
Thanks Bill. You have been a great help, and are very good at your job! - Donna B.

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